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Jacques Montagut will explain to you the different steps of In Vitro Fertilization





  1. The consultations :
    • With the Reproductive Biologist (team coordinator)
    • With the gynecologist
    • With the psychiatrist (2 mandatory consultations when oocyte or spem donation is required
    • With the cytogeneticist (1 mandatory consultation when oocyte or spem donation is required
    • With the endocrinologist (if necessary)

  2. The pre-ART exams:
    • Laboratory tests adapted to each couple
    • Clinical examinations adapted to each couple

  3. Weekly multidisciplinary meetings
    • Each medical file is presented by the coordinator to the entire team,
    • Collective discussion and decision making,
    • Establishment of the course of action for the couple,
    • The decision and course of action for the couple are transmitted by the secretary by telephone as early as the day after the multidisciplinary meeting.

  4. Information session on IVF, ICSI and other similar techniques :

  5. It is compulsory for all the couples who undergo their first A.R.T. attempt in our centre


    Once all these steps have been taken, and when the medical file is completed, the first A.R.T. attempt can be undertaken without wait (no waiting list), except for rare cases when a woman is asked to first lose a small amount of weight. In the A.R.T. procedure involves a third party donor, the wait is around 6 months for assisted reproductive technique with sperm donation and around 18 months for assisted reproductive technique with egg donation. According to bioethics law, when a third party donor is involved, the couple must go through the court (Tribunal de Grande Instance in France) nearest their place of residency so as to give its informed consent to assisted reproductive technologies with a third party donor and send us a copy of the issued document.