Evaluating fertility PDF Print E-mail

It is both clinical and paraclinical; it follows a decision tree based first on how long the couple has waited for pregnancy and especially the woman’s age. It is mainly made up of:

  • for a man : evaluating the genitals, semen and sperm, whose number, motility, vitality and morphology are the main components of paraclinical evaluation
  • for a woman : evaluating the genital tract (uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries), ovulation between the follicular and luteal phase (particularly hormonally), and ovarian reserve
  • for a couple : evaluating the frequency of sexual intercourse, the addition of infertility factors of both partners and the human dimension of the problem: the couple’s experiences and the individual, family and even socio-professional overlap. The evaluation is adapted for each specific case and, if necessary, assisted reproduction is considered.