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The Clinique Saint-Jean Languedoc and the I.F.R.E.A.R.E.S. of Toulouse are located at the same address 20 route de Revel, 31400 in Toulouse.

You will be welcomed on the same unit where you can perform on-site, both:

  • Consultations with specialists that concerns you,
  • The examinations pre-ART (clinical and biological),
  • The information session,
  • The blood and ultrasound monitoring of ovulation (except in special cases where monitoring is organized outside of Toulouse),
  • The oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer,
  • Insemination programmed on the spot
  • And if you wish : biological diagnosis of pregnancy


  • Gynecologist : Pavilion E 3rd floor - Pavilion D 1st floor
  • Reproductive Biologist : Pavilion 6th floor

If necessary :

  • endocrinology: Pavilion E 4th floor
  • urology: Pavilion E 2d floor
  • genetics: Pavilion A 5th floor

The biological assessments:
Pavilion D downstairs
Pavilion 6th floor

Seance of information
Pavilion E underground basement

Blood monitoring of ovulation:
Pavilion D downstairs

Ultrasound monitoring of ovulation :
Pavilion E 3rd floor

Oocyte Retrievals:
Pavilion A 6th floor

Embryo transfer:
Pavilion 6th floor

The laboratory of reproductive biology is also working with an other private hospital, Nouvelle Clinique de l'Union, Boulevard de Ratalens, 31240 Saint-Jean.

For couples followed at the Nouvelle Clinique de l'Union, apart from the blood and ultrasound monitoring and of the oocyte retrieval (performed in this hospital), the therapheutic support of the couple remains the same.